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Why USA Made Materials?

Why USA Made Materials?

This questions is one of the most important questions we are asked while proving our potential clients information on what Repiping is, and why we choose to use only local sourced USA made materials.

We spend a tremendous amount of time researching and testing a variety of products offered to us by our wholesalers and plumbing distributors. Largely in part because we know that choosing to source only the best for our clients will mean a longer life expectancy for our installation and fewer callbacks.

USA made materials come with higher standards and have to go through different certifications than imported products. Not only does this mean an improvement in manufacturing, but also a longer or better warranty is offered to the consumer.

Uponor Pex Grade “A”

Beginning with our high quality PEX Grade “A” piping. We source only the highest quality PEX manufactured by Uponor in Apple Valley, Minnesota. Uponor is a leading manufacturer for Cross-Linked Polyethylene and has been the only PEX manufacturer we have trusted for the last 15 years.

The majority of the pipe and fittings used in our customers home is manufactured by Uponor. Starting from the pipe itself along with the fittings and finally the adapters. Most of their proprietary products are made in house and are designed to work with each other. Therefore, we trust that the largest PEX manufacturer in the world knows what they’re doing.

Dahl Mini Ball Valves

After the pipe we then source the shut off valves under all of the sinks and toilets in the home. We choose to use angle stops from a company named Dahl. Dahl uses all all USA made materials and manufactures their valves in North America. Same US standars and follows all ISO 9001 rules and regulations. For more information on what tests are conducted click here.

Moen Posi-Temp Shower Valves

Along with Uponor and Dahl, we also like to use MOEN for most of our shower valve installations. Their parts can be easily found at any local hardware store and if not can be quickly sourced online. MOEN uses easy technology for any part or cartridge replacement which can be done by anyone. Not to mention because their products are USA made and easily sourced, the waiting period for imported parts is non existent.

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