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Frequently Asked Questions

Uponor Vs. Zurn

Uponor has been in existence since 1968. It has improved its chemical structure over time and we have been using it for over 15 years. Zurn is an alternative option we also offer. Here are more links for help: Uponor Vs. Zurn

How long does a repipe take?

Usually, a repipe will take 3-5 business days if all goes as planned.

What are the advantages of Repiping?

In most cases, repiping will lead to a faster hot water delivery with longer heat retention. Less overall linear footage means shorter wait times, which translates to less gas used and less water wasted. These savings will start to show as the years pass.

Is financing an option?

We are currently working with a great bank to offer our clients the best terms!

What kind of repiping is offered?

We offer:

  • Gas Repiping
  • Drain/Sewer repiping
  • PEX & Copper Repiping

We also offer a number of general plumbing services. Ask your estimator for more information.

Repiping made simple with 3 easy steps

In most cases, we manage to complete a full repipe within 3-5 business days, including city inspections.

First, we inspect your home and provide a free estimate

Next, we repipe which usually takes 1-2 Days

Third, we patch every single hole made by our company

Repiping Estimator
Pex Repiping
Pex Repiping - Patchwork

Our estimators will arrive on time and ready to answer any of your questions regarding our easy repipe process. Call 866-664-3273 Today.

On the first working day of the project, our team spends a good amount of time prepping your home for the repipe. The transition from the old pipes to the new piping system takes approximately 8-9hrs.

Our patch team covers every work area and fixes all of the drywall that was cut throughout the entire home, leaving it ready for the painter.

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