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Saving Water in California

Saving Water in California

If you’re a native here in Southern or even Northern California I’m sure you’ve heard about the issue we’re having with this drought. Granted it did rain a bit more this year than it did last year but we are going to need many more of these rainy seasons to combat the drought. As a professional established business we know how to tackle this so called “drought.” We’d like to share some simple secrets with you on how to save a few gallons of water on a month to month basis.


You can start by watering your lawn less. Sounds obvious right? Well have you heard of GREYWATER? It’s a neat new form of watering your garden or plants using reclaimed water from your sinks and showers. Oh, and if I didn’t mention it earlier this only works on a RAISED foundation home. So all of you slab-on-grade folks are out of luck. There are still some ways to plumb a bathroom lav sink drain to water an outside flower bead but it does require a filter. Who can do this job? We can! We are a certified company to install these kinds of water systems.


Waiting for hot water more than a minute because your water heater is at the other end of the house? We can help you with that as well. We have all of the proper tools and experience to accomplish this goal. A recirculation system is pretty simple. It starts with a pump, usually a small pump to gently push/pull the water along your home at a timed zone or even thermostatic zone. What does this accomplish? Well, you won’t have to wait for hot water during these zones for more than 10 seconds! That cuts the time by more than 70%! Just think of how many gallons of what you will be saving with this ingenious system!

Call us today to have our friendly technician educate you a bit further on what this recirculation system entails and if it’s applicable to your home. Better yet, combined with a repipe we’ll give you a discount!

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