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No Hot Water?!

No Hot Water?!

As a homeowner one the most inconvenient issues and most stressful is no hot water.

A nice hot water shower can be one of the most relaxing practicing rituals. Not only that but hot water is a necessary item often overlooked until something fails. For instance, the washing machine, dishwasher, sinks, and showers above all need hot water to function properly. Today’s post will cover some of the issues and solutions on how to fix hot water if it were to ever be a problem.

Let’s start here.

To begin, trying to solve the not hot water problem can be a nuisance for a non technical homeowner. For one that is, the immediate problem is often found at the source of all hot water. The Water Heater! This sometimes clunky sometimes petite machine is responsible for all of the hot water running throughout the entire home. If there is an issue related to the hot water chances are it’s best to start at the tank itself.

What to look for when there’s No Hot Water?

The water heater will inform us in one form or another when it has reached its end.

Here are some symptoms to look for

  • Rust around the outlet or bottom of the tank?
  • Leaking or seeping water around the tank?
  • Water heater making strange noises
  • Water heater releasing constant water through the “T&P” valve
  • Water heater not igniting anymore or control valve not responding

These are just some of the symptoms to look for when trying to find the issue with conventional tank type water heaters.

For tankless units:

  • Typically these will have flashing lights
  • Error codes which can be searched online through the manufacturers website
  • No igniting or silent even when the hot water tap is opened
  • Or sometimes simple solutions such as no power to these can be possible

What else can fail?

Besides the water heater whether tank or tankless there can be other reasons why no hot water is present. In older homes there can be substantial rust accumulation in the pipes which drastically reduces the hot water pressure. More information on this topic can be found in our other post here. Other times it can be the fixture itself. Whether it’s the faucet or shower head, these fixtures come with screens to filter out debris which can become clogged and reduce hot water flow. It’s always a good idea to routinely inspect these filters or screens to make sure the fixture is sending out the maximum water flow.

And finally

To conclude, sometimes a no hot water issue can be a simple one to solve but other times it requires immediate assistance which can only be solved by a plumber. When all other options have been exhausted feel free to reach out to our expert team to answer any of your questions. Here is the best way to reach us. Hopefully you learned something today and if not we hope you enjoyed the read. On to the next plumbing and repipe repair.

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