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Experiencing a slab or pinhole leak in your home? We at Pipease specialize in repairing those dreadful leaks. Nothing says emergency like running water headed to all the wrong places. With any water leak thousands of dollars can be the result of damaged flooring or furniture. To amplify the cost of repairing the damaged household goods, mold growth is a very serious matter. Waiting to repair a leak is never the answer. The difference in time can result in a difference of thousands of dollars spent by either the home owner or insurance company. Which in turn means higher premiums and policies. Choosing the right company can either cost or save a lot of money. Pipease is the most affordable company in Souther California.

Why Are You Experiencing Leaks?

The general consensus is to look for copper before repiping right? Wrong. Seeing copper doesn’t mean the house is safe from any potential leaks. Most of the newer homes were built on slab foundations making the repair extremely tedious and time consuming. The foundations were built with post tension re-bar, if any of these metal bars are damaged during the excavation process the foundation could be jeopardized. The cost to repair a damaged post tension slab can be astronomical.

So why copper pinhole leaks in the slab? This question can be answered a number of different ways. Pipease Repipe & More believes it’s due to the water quality being sent in from the water district. The chemical solution is literally destroying the copper pipes. The scale create build up inside the pipes which then lead to pitting and eventually pinhole leaks. Leaks are much like dominos, when one starts the rest are bound to lead. A high end filtration system won’t do much for it once the system has failed. The average Type “M” Copper pipe will last 10-15 years in most cities where Chloramines are found, also known as “hard water.”

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Will the Insurance Company Help?

With Premiums Rising On a Daily Basis, Can the Insurance Companies Really Help?

  • The process starts the second the water is turned at the water fixture
  • The cold water sitting in the pipes then enters the tankless unit
  • The computer in the unit detects the water and kicks on the burner to heat the water
  • Cold water will then cycle through a copper chamber called “heat exchanger” which then burns the water to the desired temperature
  • Through this process the need for a conventional tank is diminished and the endless supply of hot water is achieved
  • Technology is evolving everyday and we at Pipease follow the latest trends to keep our customers informed.
What is a Re-Route?

People assume because they see copper it must be the good kind right? WRONG. Not all copper is created equal with the same standards or wall thickness. Copper pipes manufactured outside of the US are usually inferior to our pipes made locally. The US has strict quality standards which makes the quality of copper we use MUCH better and longer lasting. We only use TYPE “L” copper which comes with a good 50+ year warranty right from the factory. Be careful what you pay for, these days almost every other contractor will install the cheap TYPE “M” copper and charge you less to get their foot in the door.

Would it be Better to Repipe the Home?

YES. It would be much better to get the home repiped. However, this is not always the case and a repair may be the best solution. Either way, calling our office will deliver more information on the topic and more specifically in your area. With a FREE IN HOME estimate you can count on us educating you on what is needed for your repipe. As you start gathering other estimates plan ahead of time before scheduling the repipe. We at Pipease like to follow a strict schedule and plan on finishing your home in one weeks time.

Approximate Schedule

First: 1-2 Days Repipe (Water will be off during 9am-5pm)

Second: 1-2 Days City Inspection (We don’t cut corners!)

Third: 1-2 Days Patchwork (We have the best patching team in the industry!)

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