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Leak Detection



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Leak Detection

In Southern California many homes have copper water lines running through the slab. If this is the case, there is a high possibility of a slab leak (considering the fact that California has hard water). Unlike water leaks in ceilings or in walls, slab leaks are not easy to detect. Most homeowners notice water leaks because of price changes in the water bill or in some rare cases, the floors may be warm. Leak detection techs at Pipease can locate exactly where the leak may be to make the repair easier and the cost more efficient. We at Pipease use state of the art electromagnetic equipment to detect water leaks. Why look for other leak detection companies when Pipease can locate and repair the leak for you without having to make multiple phone calls?. Call Pipease today!

How Can You Save MORE Money?

We will send our technician to give you a free in-home estimate and educate you on the newest and latest tankless water heater. Education is key in our company. We strongly believe in teaching you what you are purchasing BEFORE you purchase it. NOT after. Pipease will travel across the state to service your particular area, literally. We want to make sure we can provide our service in our area. We have multiple crews stationed throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County.

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Why Pay for Leak Detection?

Regular use of water with high mineral content may cause problems for hair, scalp and skin.

  • The process starts the second the water is turned at the water fixture
  • The cold water sitting in the pipes then enters the tankless unit
  • The computer in the unit detects the water and kicks on the burner to heat the water
  • Cold water will then cycle through a copper chamber called “heat exchanger” which then burns the water to the desired temperature
  • Through this process the need for a conventional tank is diminished and the endless supply of hot water is achieved
  • Technology is evolving everyday and we at Pipease follow the latest trends to keep our customers informed.
What is the Next Step?

After the leak has been detected and found within its remote location, the next step would be fixing the problem. This can easily be solved by either a re-route or a repipe with PEX or Copper. In the Repipe industry a re-route is known as a temporary repair and as such isn’t always suggested. However, when a repipe isn’t feasible the repair will do just fine. Furthermore, it’s always best to consider a more permanent approach to the problem and repipe the home.

Can Future Leaks Be Prevented?

With a FREE IN HOME estimate you can count on us educating you on what is needed for your repipe. As you start gathering other estimates plan ahead of time before scheduling the repipe. We at Pipease like to follow a strict schedule and plan on finishing your home in one weeks time.

Approximate Schedule

First: 1-2 Days Repipe (Water will be off during 9am-5pm)

Second: 1-2 Days City Inspection (We don’t cut corners!)

Third: 1-2 Days Patchwork (We have the best patching team in the industry!)

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