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Leak Detection



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Leak Detection

In Southern California, many homes have copper water lines running through the slab. If this is the case, there is a high possibility of a slab leak (considering the fact that California has hard water). Unlike water leaks in ceilings or in walls, slab leaks are not easy to detect. Most homeowners notice water leaks because of price changes in the water bill or in some rare cases, the floors may be warm. Leak detection techs at Pipease can locate exactly where the leak may be to make the repair easier and the cost more efficient. We at Pipease use state of the art electromagnetic equipment to detect water leaks. Why look for other leak detection companies when Pipease can locate and repair the leak for you without having to make multiple phone calls? Call Pipease today!

How Can You Save MORE Money?

We will send our technician to give you a free in-home estimate and educate you on the newest and latest tankless water heater. Education is key in our company. We strongly believe in teaching you what you are purchasing BEFORE you purchase it. NOT after. Pipease will travel across the state to service your particular area, literally. We want to make sure we can provide our service in our area. We have multiple crews stationed throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County.

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Why Pay for Leak Detection?

.Paying for leak detection ensures early detection of water leaks that can otherwise cause extensive damage and costly repairs if left unnoticed. Professional leak detection services use specialized equipment to pinpoint hidden leaks in plumbing systems, saving time and minimizing disruption to your home. Timely detection can prevent water wastage, lower utility bills, and preserve the structural integrity of your property. Investing in leak detection ultimately protects your home from potential water damage and financial setbacks in the future!

What is the Next Step?

After the leak has been detected and found within its remote location, the next step would be fixing the problem. This can easily be solved by either a re-route or a repipe with PEX or Copper. In the Repipe industry, a re-route is known as a temporary repair and as such isn’t always suggested. However, when a repipe isn’t feasible, the repair will do just fine. Furthermore, it’s always best to consider a more permanent approach to the problem and repipe the home.

Can Future Leaks Be Prevented?

Future leaks can often be prevented through regular maintenance of plumbing systems, such as inspecting for worn-out seals and connections, monitoring water pressure, and promptly repairing any identified issues. Additionally, installing leak detection devices can provide early warnings, allowing timely intervention before leaks escalate into larger problems. Taking proactive steps and investing in preventive measures can significantly reduce the likelihood of future leaks in your home! Schedule a FREE IN HOME estimate now!

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