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Copper Repiping Near You

Copper repipe: First of all, what is a Copper repipe and why would anyone ever need it? What do we do when we encounter rusty, old galvanized pipes? First and foremost we remove do everything we can to remove and replace them with new Copper Type “L” made in the US. Most of us unknowingly shower in rust on a day to day basis. Rust is not always seen and like most health risks, it doesn’t appear to be obvious to be a threat. Rusty water doesn’t ALWAYS have to be brown to be full of iron deposits. Finally, with a Copper repipe we at Pipease Inc. – Repipe & More can fix this issue for your old home.


Benefits from repiping your home

  • STRONG hot water pressure
  • LIFETIME warranty
  • CLEAN water with no iron deposits
  • NO more worrying about others flushing the toilet
  • NO more rattling pipes inside the walls
  • Finally, no more loud banging under the house

Diligent EMPLOYEES always at your disposal.

You can feel comfortable knowing that you have hired a quality company with over 15 years in the business. We have our professional team trained on a day to day basis. We are always insured and you can certainly count on us being reliable. What are you waiting for? Call us NOW!

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Is Rusty Water Bad?

Regular use of water with high mineral content may cause problems for hair, scalp and skin.

  • First, Iron leaves hair  feeling dry, brittle and weighted down.
  • Then, it causes lack of shine and can  cause dark hair to tint darker and blonde hair to turn orange.
  • Finally, Iron can  inhibit the proper processing of perms, color, highlights, and  relaxers/straighteners.
Copper Manufactured in the USA

To begin, most people assume because they see copper it must be the good kind right? WRONG. Not all copper is created equal with the same standards or wall thickness. As a result, Copper pipes manufactured outside of the US are usually inferior to our pipes made locally. The US has strict quality standards which makes the quality of copper we at Pipease Inc. – Repipe & More use MUCH better and longer lasting than others.

As a result, we only use TYPE “L” Copper which comes with a good 50+ year warranty right from the factory. Above all, be careful what you pay for, these days almost every other contractor will install the cheap TYPE “M” copper and charge you less to get their foot in the door.

Planning Ahead of Time
With a FREE IN-HOME estimate you can count on us educating you on what is needed for your repipe. Furthermore, while gathering other estimates, plan ahead of time before scheduling the repipe. For that reason, we at Pipease Inc. – Repipe & More like to follow a strict schedule and plan on finishing your home in one weeks time.

Approximate Schedule

First: 1-2 Days Repipe (Water will be off during 9am-5pm)

Then: 1-2 Days City Inspection (We don’t cut corners!)

Finally: 1-2 Days Patchwork (We have the best patching team in the industry!)

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