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Agoura Hills Pipe Leak

Agoura Hills Pipe Leak Repair

Having problems with your pipes and live anywhere in Agoura Hills? Well, you can feel comfortable knowing that we service all of the Agoura Hills area.

We are local Agoura Hills and can give you a FREE in-home estimate for your pipe leak or alternate solution. Pex & Copper Repiping quotes are available upon request.

We have been in the plumbing & repair industry for the last 15 years and have seen Agoura Hills suffer from old galvanized pipes & newer Copper pinhole/slab leaks.

Pipease, Inc. – Repipe & More has managed to gather all the industries leading tradesman. We specialize in quality control and promise to treat your home as if it was our own.

A pipe leak can be an extremely frightening experience. However, it can also be an easy one if you call the right company for the job.

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Signs of a potential pipe leak in agoura hills

Firstly, Copper pipes are typically found inside walls, under floors, in utility closets, or exposed in unfinished basements. One set of pipes will carry hot water, and the other will carry cold water. These are some signs to look out for:

  • Water stains on walls, ceilings, or floors
    Pipe Leak Repair

    Pipe Leak Repair

  • Green corrosion around pipes
  • Water collecting on the outside of pipes
  • A mold or mildew smell
  • The sound of water running inside walls
  • Warm spots on floor
  • Swollen baseboards or trim work
  • Paint bubbling or stucco peeling

Can a pipe leak in agoura hills be prevented?

Well-maintained copper pipes can last 20 to 50 years. The older they get, the more likely they are to spring a leak.  As a result, typically age leads to smaller pinhole leaks, but corrosion can speed along the process. To prevent a copper pipe leak:

  • Prevent freezing by installing the proper pipe insulation.
    Pipe Insulation

    Pipe Insulation

  • If you have hard water, install a water-softening system.
  • Always use the right size pipes and make sure fittings aren’t too close together.
  • Check the fittings and replace them as necessary.
  • Lower the water velocity in your home.

To preserve the lifespan of your pipes, a plumber can test and adjust your home’s water pressure. Lastly, attempt to aim for the following fixed water pressure:

  • Cold water: 60-75 psi
  • Hot water (below 140 degrees F): 60-70 psi
  • Hot water (above 140 degrees F): 60-65 psi

Can a Pipe Leak in Agoura Hills be something serious to worry about?

Copper pipes can leak for a number of reasons. As a result, the most damaging is typically when a copper pipe bursts in freezing temperatures. If you’re not home to turn off your water, this can lead to significant water damage. Subsequently, other types of leaks generally start slowly, but even the common type of pinhole leaks caused by corrosion can eventually widen and become serious without repair.

Furthermore, older pipes are especially prone to corrosion if you have hard water, acidic water (water with a high pH), or water that is very basic (water with a low pH). This compounds with high water pressure, as minerals can wear against the inner lining of the pipe. The most vulnerable areas are around fittings and elbows. Other common causes of copper pipe leaks include:

  • Clogs
    Electrolysis - Pipe Leak

    Electrolysis – Pipe Leak

  • Damaged joints
  • High water pressure
  • Turbulent water flow
  • Uneven or shoddy plumbing work
  • Loose connections
  • Age

A minor mistake can lead to thousands of dollars worth of water damage and costly repairs. That said, repairing minor leaks can lead to saving money in the long term (think: pinholes that require a simple patch).

In an emergency, a simple pipe repair can be accomplished to temporary fix the leak while a professional arrives during normal business hours. This will save you from emergency plumbing charges. In general, budget for $65 to $250 per hour for a professional, and always consider hiring a pro if your pipes are old enough to need a larger replacement. You may want to consider replacing your copper pipes with PEX pipes, and larger plumbing jobs typically require a permit.

Homes with old galvanized pipe leaks in Agoura Hills experience:
  • BAD WATER PRESSURE – In an older home Galvanized pipes can clog up and create extremely low water pressure. In the long run, consider replacing with either PEX or Copper.
  • NO HOT WATER – Hot water can’t be ignored in order for the home to function properly.
  • WATER VOLUME – Drop in Water Volume When a Second Fixture is Used
  • WATER HAMMERING – Pipes Banging Inside the Walls of Your Home
  • NO SHUT-OFF – No Water Main Shut Off In Front of Your Home
  • BROWN WATER – Rusty Water Coming Out of Your Showers
  • OVERALL ISSUES – Resulting in stained Toilet Bowls and Water Heater Issues
Homes with newer Copper pipe leaks in Agoura Hills experience:
  • RUNNING WATER – Running Water Noise Constantly Throughout the Home
  • WARM SPOTS – Warm Spots on the Floor or Pipe Leaks
  • BOILING HEATER – Water Heater Boiling Continuously Throughout the Day
  • FASTER HOT WATER DELIVERY – Hot Water Arriving Faster Than Usual to the Water Fixtures
  • GAS OR WATER BILL – Water or Gas Bills Higher Than Previous Months
  • LEAK DETECTION – As a result pipe Leaks or Leak Detection Services Needed
Agoura Hills Leak Repair Near Your Home: 

Finally, the list can go on and on with the number of problems Agoura Hills can encounter. A homes’ mechanical system must be updated at least every 50 years to function properly. We here at Pipease, Inc. – Repipe & More can help you with all of your repiping or plumbing needs.We have served the plumbing/repipe industry for 15 years and we can guarantee to send you a qualified technician to help you with your problems.Our estimator will provide you with a thorough explanation of what a repipe would entail & help you choose the right option for your home.Water quality can be a factor of decaying plumbing. In summary, ask your estimator about water filtration and the options to prevent another pipe leak or slab leak in the future. Pipease is often misspelled as pipe ease.


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