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Multi-Family Projects

In Southern California many Multi-Family homes are starting to show their age. Through years of usage wear and tear becomes a reality. The building’s plumbing will have to be upgraded at some point in order for the homes to run normally. In an apartment building the tenants will begin to complain when the water pressure starts lacking. Galvanized plumbing does not last more than 50 years without becoming an issue. In a larger facility it may seam more reasonable to make smaller repairs. However, the cost can climb very quickly while only temporary fixing the overall issue. We at Pipease specialize in larger HOA or Multi-Family homes. We have the manpower to tackle larger jobs and finish them in a timely manner. No job is too large for Pipease Repipe & More.

Quality Control in Larger Jobs

Imagine having to deal with 100 or 200 homes all at once or in the same place. No owner or management company wants to deal with the headache of having to repipe their investment. Repiping multiple homes in one place can become a nightmare if not done properly. Dealing with multiple tenants is also a large responsibility for any contractor. Pipease has worked on several HOA projects in the past and we have perfected our strategy on these larger jobs. Hiring an experienced contractor with the experience to keep quality control will make your life easier. A dedicated Supervisor as well as Foreman and Manager will be onsite to make sure the project runs as promised. Quality Control and tenant control are both mandatory in our company policies.

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Difference With Larger Projects?

Hiring a Contractor With Experience Should Be Mandatory

  • Tenants can be the most grueling and yet important aspect of a larger project
  • Knowing how the building was built becomes mandatory
  • The plumbing code completely changes with larger projects
  • The pipe sizing is increased and calculated carefully
  • A lot of prep work is involved in beginning a repipe
  • It’s repiping near 300 one bathroom homes all at once
Prep Time for Larger Projects?

The prep time may be the most important aspect of repiping a larger project. The preparation makes sure everyone is on the same base prior to starting the project. Every single tenant or homeowner must know what will occur over the next several months. Multiple meetings with management will make sure everything flows smoothly.

Can Pipease Tackle Larger Jobs?

YES calling our office will deliver more information on the topic and more specifically in your area. With a FREE IN HOME estimate you can count on us educating you on what is needed for your repipe. As you start gathering other estimates plan ahead of time before scheduling the repipe. We at Pipease like to follow a strict schedule and plan on finishing your home in one weeks time.

Approximate Schedule

First: 1-2 Days Repipe (Water will be off during 9am-5pm)

Second: 1-2 Days City Inspection (We don’t cut corners!)

Third: 1-2 Days Patchwork (We have the best patching team in the industry!)

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