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Whole House Filtration



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Whole House Filtration Systems

Experiencing a slab or pinhole leak in your home? We at Pipease Repipe & More specialize in repairing those dreadful leaks. Nothing says emergency like running water headed to all the wrong places. With any water leak thousands of dollars can be the result of damaged flooring or furniture. To amplify the cost of repairing the damaged household goods, mold growth is a very serious matter. Waiting to repair a leak is never the answer. The difference in time can result in a difference of thousands of dollars spent by either the home owner or insurance company. Which in turn means higher premiums and policies. Choosing the right company can either cost or save a lot of money. Pipease Repipe & More is the most affordable company in Souther California.

Which Kind of Whole House Filtration Systems Work?

Upon ordering the system for the home, the filter should be designed specifically for the home. Undersized water filtration systems will impact the overall water volume to the home. Furthermore, expect to spend the right amount to acquire a great system versus an inadequate one. When ordering a Water Conditioner (Carbon) or a Water Softener (Salt/Potassium) expect to be informed by our estimator upon requesting the estimate. Request your filtration system quote today by calling.

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Are Salt Based Softeners Dying?

The use of salt is now banned throughout some cities and counties in Southern California.

  • Salt is banned from local cities and counties
  • The yearly expense and maintenance may not work for some
  • There is a difference between Sodium and Potassium
Will Whole House Filtration Make a Difference?


Are These High End Filters Worth the Cost?
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