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Pex & Copper Repiping

Having problems with your pipes or need a repipe and live anywhere in Thousand Oaks? Well, you can feel comfortable knowing that we service all of the Thousand Oaks area.

We are local to Thousand Oaks and can give you a FREE in-home estimate for your repipe or plumbing project. Pex & Copper Repiping quotes are available upon request.

We have been in the repiping industry for the last 15 years and have seen Thousand Oaks suffer from old galvanized pipes & newer Copper pinhole/slab leaks.

Pipease, Inc. – Repipe & More has managed to gather all of the industries leading tradesman. We specialize in quality control and promise to treat your home as if it was our own.

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Thousand Oaks - Repiping
Homes with old galvanized plumbing in Thousand Oaks experience:
  • BAD WATER PRESSURE – In an older home Galvanized pipes can clog up and create extremely low water pressure. Consider replacing with either PEX or Copper.
  • NO HOT WATER – Hot water can’t be ignored in order for the home to function properly.
  • WATER VOLUME – Drop in Water Volume When a Second Fixture is Used
  • WATER HAMMERING – Pipes Banging Inside the Walls of Your Home
  • NO SHUT-OFF – No Water Main Shut Off In Front of Your Home
  • BROWN WATER – Rusty Water Coming Out of Your Showers
  • OVERALL ISSUES – Stained Toilet Bowls and Water Heater Issues
Homes with newer Copper plumbing issues in Thousand Oaks experience:
  • RUNNING WATER – Running Water Noise Constantly Throughout the Home
  • WARM SPOTS – Warm Spots on the Floor or Pipe Leaks
  • BOILING HEATER – Water Heater Boiling Continuously Throughout the Day
  • FASTER HOT WATER DELIVERY – Hot Water Arriving Faster Than Usual to the Water Fixtures
  • GAS OR WATER BILL – Water or Gas Bills Higher Than Previous Months
  • LEAK DETECTION – Pipe Leaks or Leak Detection Services Needed
The Most Affordable Repipe Company in Thousand Oaks California: 

The list can go on and on with the number of problems Thousand Oaks can encounter. A homes’ mechanical system must be updated at least every 50 years to function properly. We here at Pipease, Inc. – Repipe & More can help you with all of your repiping or plumbing needs.We have served the plumbing/repipe industry for 15 years and we can guarantee to send you a qualified technician to help you with your problems.Our estimator will provide you with a thorough explanation of what a repipe would entail & help you choose the right option for your home. Water quality can be a factor of decaying plumbing. Ask your estimator about water filtration and the options to prevent another pipe leak or slab leak in the future.

Affordable Repipe Company near me in Thousand Oaks California: 

If you are remodeling your home and discover that the existing plumbing needs to be replaced immediately, Pipease, Inc. – Repipe & More is an affordable pipe replacement company near you who can get the job done right quickly and efficiently. With quality in mind and affordable copper and Uponor PEX “A” system repiping services, Pipease, Inc. – Repipe & More will get your plumbing back in working order in a short amount of time.

How much will it cost to Repipe a home in Thousand Oaks?

The cost of repiping any home can vary some number of bathrooms to overall total fixture count. A smaller home in square footage may have more sinks/toilets than a larger home. Pipe linear footage is also accounted for but we base our pricing primarily on fixture count. Thousand Oaks has many different homes and they all come in different sizes. The best option would be to contact our company Form

for a FREE in home affordable repipe estimate in Thousand Oaks.

Pipease is often misspelled as pipe ease.


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